Paula Saunders

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I am a Painter and Slab Clay Artist who lives in Mcleod Bay.

In my paintings I use a variety of mixed media and love using alcohol ink to create the colour and liquid shapes that form my pieces, sometimes finishing a piece with a resin coating.

I enjoy mark making to complete a work.

The subject or idea of what I paint comes to me through my Interior Design work, my beautiful surroundings at home and while travelling and interactions with or by observing people.

The ideas

develop in my head and once I start painting they grow into an expression of a thought or image of something that compelled me to communicate that on to canvas.

It is a process that I enjoy learning from and creating it on canvas enables a sense of satisfaction and peace. My work is as abstract as my thought process and each piece varies as to what is playing on my mind.

I have been painting for over 20 years and the mediums I work in have developed and expanded with me.  I am a member of the Northland Society of Arts and am currently exhibiting at Reyburn House.

My slab clay work is ever changing and developing as I learn, I like to create pieces that are functional in the home and also have an organic appeal. Working with clay has allowed me to extend my creativity in a 3 dimensional sense.

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