Kelvin Hardie

Guest Artist on the 2024 Arts Trail

Born and raised on a farm I learnt to appreciate the versatility and beauty of wood from an early age.

I am a wood turner and I began turning during the late 1950s utilising a belt driven engineering lathe in a shed on my father’s farm and encouraged by him.

Married in the early 1960s I did not do very much turning until my retirement in 2019 at which time I joined the Northland Woodturners and Woodworking Club of which I remain a member today and am the current Treasurer.

Although I enjoy working all  timbers I have over the years accumulated good amounts of New Zealand Kauri including swamp Kauri which has so many differing and often beautiful honey coloured grain structures. I find it very satisfying and somewhat exciting watching these evolve as the turning progresses. Most of my work is made from Kauri.

I attempt to turn varying items often determined by the timber piece itself. I also enjoy using varying embellishment methods mainly by way of texturing and burning, together with the use of Resin all of which can enhance the turning.

Some turnings are for practical daily use, others are with beautiful grains, colours and forms for daily admiration.

Whatever the piece you may acquire and from whomever you may acquire it you will not regret buying wood.

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