Lesley Swan

see me on the 2024 arts trail

From a child I have always used my hands to explore many different creative mediums to express my love of colour, texture and design.

Quilting, embroidery, pottery, spinning yarn, garment design, hand sewn teddy bears, pine needle treasure boxes, jewellery and even building complete yachts with my husband, creativity is a major part of my persona.

As we sailed around the world,

time spent with fellow international artisans became some of my most valued memories.

While living in Tasmania I discovered the art of glass bead making to add to my passions.  Using a propane oxygen torch, a kiln and imported Murano glass I slowly added the ancient Venetian tradition of glass bead blowing to embellish my one of a kind jewellery.

Now, living in Onerahi, I am excited to exhibit my work on the Whangarei Heads Art Trail.   The hazards of molten glass and high temperature kilns are too dangerous to physically demonstrate bead making in public, so I will exhibit my completed jewellery in a hall.  

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My studio can be visited by appointment for further private viewing.  Contact me on 021 177 6950 or email me.