Kym Marsden

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Art is an extension of who we are and what we have to say.  The artist, the work and audience can connect at a level of unspoken communication. 

I love to incorporate a sensory experience, recycle and enjoy working with bee frames, eco dyes, fine black sand and bees wax. I want my impact on the earth and my artwork to be as mindful
as possible.  

I am enjoying designing mandalas.

Each design seems to evolve into my interpretation of unity amongst cultures or connection with nature.

​I am always exploring personal growth, how I fit into cultural unity, and how that cultural unity can harmonise and better care for each other and the planet we share.

Designs are built up with very fine black sand and bees wax onto paper adding fine details in ink. The sand gives an upraised texture and the finished piece has a lovely gloss and a comforting smell of bees wax.

Eco art results vary and give quite a mystical feel to the work.  The wax on the piece is embossed giving the work more depth.

I was awarded an Oriel Hoskin Scholarship and studied art with The Learning Connexion receiving a Diploma in Art and Creativity, a finalist in the Emerging Artist Awards in Auckland, won overall winner in the Portage mug show with my entry called ‘The Tea Tree’, have been involved setting up and running two art galleries in Auckland, have exhibited in Auckland with shows both shared and solo, have illustrated two books and written one book for children.  I have had the children I teach involved in the visual process of illustration with fantastic results.  I’ve taught art to children and adults for a number of years.  I love to watch my students get inspired and grow creatively. 

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Please contact me by email or phone if you would like to own one of my works.  Phone: 021 1525891