Cindy Woest

I am not on the 2024 arts trail

Over 30 years ago I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree

 with majors in Fine Art History, Oil Painting and Geography. At the time I didn’t have the confidence to become a professional artist. After completing a planning Masters degree and practicing as a strategy, long term, and spatial planner for many years, I have now returned to my passion.

My focus is on en plein-air oil painting, but I am also doing serigraph printing and (mostly) outdoor mosaics. My style could loosely be described as painterly realism, with a focus on light and colour which is sometimes impressionistic. Mostly, I like to paint iconic Whangarei Heads scenery while being IN it. It’s so beautiful and alive here; I want to capture and share these memories of our place.

The most satisfying works I’ve done are those that have been commissioned – then I’m not only creating for me, but also have the certainty it will give others joy too.

The dimensions of the paintings in the gallery below are the size of the actual painting. If frames are shown, then these come with the painting. All prices include GST.

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