Cecilia De Donatis

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I was born and raised in Italy and I’ve always loved art making and adventure.

As a child I could play for hours on end in a world of my imagination. Growing up was largely an exercise in learning how to reconcile my conventional urban upbringing with my magical views of reality and deep call towards nature and adventure.

I worked in Cuba and in the north of Australia as an anthropologist and intentionally made art making pivotal to my everyday life with the move to Tasmania in 2010, where I practiced mainly as a textile artist and puppet maker, before moving to New Zealand in 2013. For years I carried a sketchbook instead of a camera in my travels, and by the time I started oil painting in 2019 I could rely on solid drawing foundations.



In 2023 I began teaching myself sculpture in clay. A year down the journey I’m still very excited every time I create a 3D piece, as sculpting is for me a very tangible way of bringing together my inner and outer realities.

I also love how sculpture allows me to create functional art that people can use and interact with. My favourite subjects are the human figure and animals, often represented in a magical-realist way. I work from my home studio in Parua Bay and you can contact me on 02041721317 or email me for a visit, or to enquire about buying or commissioning a panting or a sculpture.

I have several paintings currently exhibited at the Smith & Local Café in Parua Bay Village.

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